Founder, Consultant, Honorary Lawyer 




Postgraduate degree in Civil Law (Panthéon-Assas University- Paris II)

1976 - Called to the bar

1980: Secretary to the Mooting Competition
held by the Legal Association of the Council of State and Supreme Court

2000: founded BWG law firm

2014: Specialization certificate in the Law of the Family, People and their Property
(Certified by the National bar Council)

Positions and memberships held: 
President of the Union of Young lawyers,
Secretary general of the National Federation of Young lawyers,
Member of the Bar Council Committee Collaboration Dispute Resolution Committee,
Member of the French Bars Council,
President of the Family Commission of the Council of European Bars (CCBE)

Member of Ministerial Committees: Divorce, Affiliation, Civil Partnership Agreements, Status of immigrant women, the Franco-German matrimonial regime

Expert to the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Board

Trained in Collaborative Law



Founder of the Etats Généraux for family law (French Bars Council)

Co-founder of the Family and Property Institute

Member of the Paris Bar Family Commission

Member of various organizations: International Association of lawyers,
International Academy of family lawyers, International Academy of trust and real estate law

Member of the scientific committee of the "People and Family" legal review

Member of the National Association of specialist lawyers and practitioners
in the Law of the Family, People and their Property

Lecturer on training courses and conferences on Family Law in France and abroad

Specialist contributor to the Gazette du Palais on family law

Author of "Points of procedure and illustrations" in the Dalloz Action / Family Law



Knight of the National Order of Merit and Knight of the Legion of Honour