Pierre MURAT


Professor of Private Law at the Law faculty of Grenoble-Alpes

Consultant since 2007




1991: Doctorate in Civil Law (accredited to carry out research)

1995: Senior law faculties teaching exam (Private Law and Criminal Sciences)

1995 to 1997: Professor at the University of Chambéry

Since 1997: Professor at the University of Grenoble-Alpes



1997 to 2003: Director of a research centre, team for welcoming
young doctorate students (Centre for Fundamental Law)

1997 to 2006: Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law in Grenoble, Head of Research

2001 to 2006: Director of the Institute of judicial studies in Grenoble

2002 to 2006: Director of the Judicial Sciences Doctorate School
for all doctorate students in law in the Grenoble area

Since 1995: Director of the Masters 2 degree in Notarial Law in Grenoble

Director of the Higher Diploma for Notaries (DSN)



1997 to 2000: Member of the Consultative Committee for the Protection of People
in Biomedical Research at Grenoble University Teaching Hospital

1994 to 2007: Director of the Regional Workshop for
the case law of the Grenoble Court of Appeal (Lexis Nexis)

Hearings before Parliamentary Committees on Family Law and Ministerial Commissions on Family Law (reform of divorce, filiation, parental authority)

Since 2003: Member of the Civil Law Cell of the Notarial Documentation Information
and Research Centre of Lyon

1996 to 2010: Founder and Co-Director of the Family Law Review
(Jurisclasseur publications - Lexus Nexus)

Director of the new edition of "Family Law" A Dalloz Action collective publication for practitioners
(A Dalloz publication 2008,2010)

Numerous lectures and publications in the Family Law field